I started out photographing my skateboarding

and surfing buddies back in the mid '70's at the old skateparks in Arizona and California. Although the sport may have progressed, the split timing of capturing the image hasn't."

but let's go
back to
my very fisrt camera

When I was 12 my dad gave me a Polaroid Square Shooter II camera. Also included were a package of film and a couple of flash cubes. My dad was always good at "random gifting" so, when the camera came about, I thought it was pretty cool. I loaded it up and started snapping pictures. I worked at the family restuarant doing odd jobs. I would pull out my Polaroid and tell people: "Hey, I'll shoot your picture for 2 bucks." It worked like a charm. Within a half an hour, I was able to sell all of my Polaroid pictures to the patrons, return the original 8 dollars to the cover charge money, and still have a profit of 8 dollars after. If I did it a couple of times in an evening, I had 16 bucks by the end of the night. Not bad dough for a 12 year old kid in 1972.

I had no idea
it was a job interview...


Off to the yearbook classroom, and my first meeting with "Mrs. D". She was a small woman with a big presence. Completely intense and kind of scary, she freaked me out right away. "I see here that you want to join the yearbook staff ... is that correct?" Yes ma'am, I do. "Do you have any photography experience?" Yes ma'am, I do. "O.K. Let me look over your application and I will get back to you." Thank you.



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More to come... my wife is working as fast as she can.

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