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Award-winning Commercial Photography
for Architects, Commercial/Residential Developers,
Interior Designers
& Industry Award Shows.


Tony Hernandez Photography specializes in commercial advertising and editorial award-winning photography. His clients include architects, interior designers, commercial and residential developers and various editorial publications.


Tony's photography has been published and recognized by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and numerous other industry award competitions.


With over 25 years of film experience,
Tony's technical and artistic mastery of the craft  transitioned beautifully to digital photography. Incorporating his film lighting techniques, sophisticated styling, dramatic dusk exposures,
and dynamic compositions, his images speak
for themselves.


Tony approaches each photo assignment
with the objective of creating an in-camera solution. And because of his extensive film background, Tony delivers high quality digital images with minimal photoshop retouching. The result; speedy turnarounds and very happy clients.




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